Zip Lines / Canopy Tours

Zip Lines

Zip Lines are a great amusement element. They can be designed as a single line, a series of lines, or as multiple parallel lines. Signature Research designs zip lines with a number of brake options including gravity brake, hand brake, and mechanical brake systems. We are also the only company in the industry with a facilitator controlled Hydraulic Dismount System (HDS) for gravity break zip lines. The HDS is designed, engineered, and manufactured in house, and it allows a participant on a gravity break zip line to be lowered to the ground for dismount. This eliminates the need for a ladder or scaffolding to dismount, as well as can make your zip line ADA accessible.

Canopy Tours

Canopy Tours are a great way for participants to experience nature by taking a walk through the canopy of a stand of trees. Canopy Tours are a series of bridges and zip lines that traverse to platforms that are perched in the tops of trees or on poles. These bridges can be designed to be as easy or as challenging as you wish for your participants.