Inspections & Program Reviews


During our inspections, we perform an assessment of your course to evaluate the condition of the course environment, the poles and/or trees, and the specific components of each of the elements on your course. Every effort is made to perform a hands-on, physical inspection to assess the entire course. The condition and construction methods of the components will be checked and adjusted, if possible, during the inspection; or made note of for the report. According to the current ACCT standards, “An annual inspection by a qualified challenge course professional is required.”

All inspections conducted by our organization are valid for one year. Additionally, the inspection evaluates the condition of both the course and the program equipment as it presents at the time of inspection. It, in no way, evaluates the competencies of the ropes course facilitators at your facility. Following the inspection, a fully detailed report will be sent to you. The inspection report outline is detailed according to ANSI/ACCT standards.


The Signature Research Program Review and Operations Audit (PRO-A) service has been developed to assist the administrators of challenge courses/aerial adventure programs by engaging in a voluntary process of evaluation of their organization’s policies and practices by prescribing a set of professional standards and recognized practices. This process strives to serve three purposes:

  • To assess varied organizational interests in order to identify areas of compliance with currently accepted best practices within the industry and recognized professional standards and to provide avenues for enhanced administrative practices, to improve program quality and performance, preserve access to affordable insurance, and increase the ability to attract financial and human resources.

  • To address the public’s interest to ensure quality services in which to engage by having an objective, independent source assess and evaluate the quality of those services.

  • To serve to contribute to industry interests by safeguarding the reputation of the industry, evaluating the policies, procedures and practices of those managers and practitioners in the industry, contributing to a culture of self-governance, advocating for potential users and raising awareness for continued professional development opportunities.