Challenge Courses

High, low, and indoor Courses

High Courses

High challenge course activities are typically for individual or for partners in orientation and designed to build confidence, positive self-esteem, communication and problem solving skills within an individual. All high challenge course activities are attached to trees or poles at heights ranging from 12-40 feet above the ground. Safety on these activities is maintained via an overhead safety cable called a "belay" cable to which the participant is connected via ropes and a harness. Although the perception of risk is high, the actual risk is quite low due to proper construction, program equipment and appropriate operational procedures.

Every High Challenge Course can be unique and consist of a different combination of components, more than one level of activity, and with either team (Dynamic) or self-belay (static).

Low Courses

Low challenge course activities or group initiatives are group-oriented problem solving tasks designed to foster teamwork, cooperation, communication and problem solving skills within a group. We will help you design a course that meets the needs of your facility and program size.

Indoor Courses

Indoor challenge courses offer a great way to operate a program in any weather. Indoor courses can be custom designed to fit into almost any gym or warehouse style building, and can be attached to either wood or steel beams. Indoor elements can also be designed with retraction systems to get them out of the way of other activities when not in use.

Team High Ropes Courses

The Signature Teams Challenge Course is a custom high ropes course structure designed to enhance the team experience of any adventure program.

Designed for total team involvement, The Signature Teams Course combines the team development concepts of the low ropes course with the adventure and confidence building of the high challenge course.

  • Each Teams Course is developed to meet the specific program needs of your organization
  • All course elements are designed for use with 2 to 8 participants at the same time
  • Course elements focus on team development, creative problem solving, and communication
  • Individual growth is enhanced through team support, while facing fears, perceived limits, and appropriate risk taking